Clan Rose Society of America

CRSA Scholarship Program

The Clan Rose Society of America, Inc. was re-established in 2013, out of a long tradition of Scottish heritage in the US and a predecessor organization. CRSA’s tax exempt purposes are to educate the public about Scottish history in general, and Clan Rose history in particular. Members of CRSA host booths at over 20 Highland Games events during the course of one year. These games are held all across the US, and feature re-creations of and tributes to Scottish history, such as bagpiping, heavy athletics games—caber tossing, sheaf throwing, marathons—Scottish traditional dancing, along with other events that celebrate Scotland’s culture and history. CRSA has established its scholarship program to encourage students to study for and train for these events, and to perpetuate these cultural traditions. CRSA’s scholarships are available to any individual who can demonstrate that he or she is following and has concluded a course in such study, and are paid retroactively upon proof of completion being submitted to CRSA.

If you would like to be considered for a CRSA Scholarship, download and complete the CRSA Scholarship Application. The completed application may be emailed to Include "CRSA Scholarship Application" in the email subject.

The completed application may also be mailed to the address included in the application instructions.

Click CRSA Scholarship Application to download the form.