Clan Rose Society of America

Fun Facts

Rose's Lime Juice

Here is a bottle you might see in your grocery isle or liquor store. Follow this link to a short history of about Rose's Lime Juice.

What are the Three Curley Characters?

What are the three curly characters that appear on the coat of arms?. These are the "Trois Bouts de L’eau" or three leather buckets of water. The unusual shapes are a stylized versions of what a water carrier looked like in the year 1000 AD. The rounded bottom shapes were of course much larger (fuller) to carry gallons of water and carried over the saddle of a horse. In a desert the smart thing to do is follow the guy who controls the uncontrollable. In a desert, the lack of water is uncontrollable.

A container of water is
For of us, a symbol
Not of affluence but of order,
Of control over
The uncontrollable.
The container of water,
Made available, is useful
And as such
Infinitely soothing
to the eye.

Gift of Tartan

Miss Elizabeth The 25th of Kilravock bestowed the Right to Wear the Ancient Rose Hunting Tartan to the 4th Battalion Royal Tank Regiment. It was granted by permission of the Lord Lyon himself.

This picture is of the Royal Tank Regiment being led by their Pipers in Rose Hunting Tartan on their return from Afghanistan in 2012!

Follow this link to their web site with lots of interesting facts and pictures of Miss Elizabeth and Kilravock, also important dignitaries (Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family)...they are incredibly proud to wear our tartan.

The History of the 4th and 7th Royal Tank Regiments