Clan Rose Society of America

Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games Report

Maryville, Tennessee

May 17-18 2014

Tent host - Donna Rose and family (Scarlett, Berkly, Seth Rose, Anthony and Linda Roark)

This was our 3rd year at the Smoky Mt. Scottish Festival and our theme for the tent this year was honoring the memory of Convener Linville Rose. We decorated our tent with pictures of him and used his ideas of educating people about Clan Rose. Many people (approximately 35-40) came to our tent to reminisce about Linville and share stories about his enthusiasm for all things Scottish. Paul, Diane and John A. Rose helped us set up our banners while Linda and Anthony Roark helped run the tent and give out information to all those who visited. Our clan had many people participate in the clan activities and competitions:

  • John Anderson Rose, son of Paul and Diane Rose, took 1st place in the 50 Yard Dash and the Caber Toss (Junior Division).
  • Paul Rose competed in the Bonniest Knees Contest.
  • Seth Rose took 1st place in the Kilted Mile.
  • Berkly Rose, Seth Rose, and Anthony Roark took 2nd place in the Clan Triathlon.
  • Berkly Rose took 1st place in the Battle Ax Throw (Junior Division).
  • Anthony Roark took 2nd place in the Battle Ax Throw (Adult Division).
  • Scarlett Rose, Linda Roark and Donna Rose participated in the Haggis Toss with Donna Rose coming in 2nd place (pure luck ... no talent there!).
  • John V. Rose's band, the Knoxville Pipe and Drums received 1st place honors in their division.
  • Carolyn and John V. Rose and family participated in the Dog Show and Parade.

To top it off, Clan Rose received 2nd place overall in the Clan Challenge. This is the first time we have ever placed in this clan competition! We were extremely proud and excited!

We had one new member join - Sonia Vance from Maryville, TN. Welcome Sonia!

We had 17 people sign our guest register. What an exciting festival we had! Special thanks to all those who came by the tent to talk and fellowship with us. We loved talking and seeing y'all!! Till next year!

Donna Rose

The Troops at the 2014 Smoky Mountain Festival and Games

John A. Rose

John V. Rose