Clan Rose Society of America

Glasgow Lands Highland Games Report

Florence, MA

Tent host - Donna Rose and Frank Rose

This was the 4th year for CRSA at the Glasgow Highland Games and like the Smoky Mountain Highland Games and Festival, Tent hosts Donna and Frank Rose continued to honor and celebrate the memory of Convener Linville Rose. They used many of Linville's ideas and pictures as tent display items, and most importantly, worked to follow his example of enthusiasm and friendliness to all who approached CRSA's tent, Roses or not. CRSA's tent won the Clan Tent Award, and several CRSA members won or placed in the various competitions at the Games, including the 'Bonny Knees' contest, a favorite of Linville's and the inspiration for its establishment by CRSA at a second games, the Grandfather Mountain, NC Games, in Linville's memory.

Frank Rose with his wife JoAnn Rose

Clan Tent Award for best promotion of friendship