Fall 2014 Newsletter

President's Message

by CRSA President Michael L. (Mick) Rose

Greetings Clan Rose Members

We have completed our first year with your new CRSA Board  and much has been accomplished!  As most of you know we have re-incorporated in a more corporation-friendly state, Nevada. We have been given brand new 501(c)(3) status as a result of the considerable efforts of Susan Rose. Our membership has grown, and we have begun to host tents in new venues. Our website http://www.clanrose.org has been updated and will continue to grow and, because of feedback that we have received from you, improve. Your CRSA Board is committed to remain absolutely transparent and accountable to you, our members.  To that end, and at members' specific requests, we will be adding to the website the following: 

A link that you can click on to see all the minutes of the meetings your board conducts.

A link that will take you to our monthly financial report.
A link that will show you a state-by-state breakdown of where our current members are located, which will also show us the areas we need to reach out to, and areas where we need to host some games to tell others the wonderful history of Clan Rose.
We are forming committees to help with the following events and adventures:
An Annual General Meeting committee--ask anyone who has put this on, it is much more than one person can do.
A Scholarship / Games Award committee--to create and present scholarships and tuition awards at the various games for Piping, Drumming, Dance, Heavy Games and Scottish Studies, in keeping with the educational purposes that qualify CRSA for its  501(c)(3) status.
We are looking for members to help plan and coordinate our intended visit to England and Scotland in 2015.... time is ticking by quickly!  Look for special e-mail notices as details on that become available.
Our AGM at Colorado was a huge success.  The Roses were among the Honored Clans and treated like royalty!  We even lead the parade in first place!   I hope you all got a chance to see me answer Chief David's ALS Water-bucket Challenge on the CRSA Facebook Page.  If not, here's the big moment, with CRSA Vice President Greg Rose doing the spillage honors: 
At the games we had several new members join and many people took applications to other Roses whom  they knew.
Looking forward,  your CRSA Board is committed to improving the experience of going to the games and helping out our tent hosts with information and hopefully soon, materials as well as costs.  We are actively looking for people who want to host tents all over this great Nation of ours!   Have a passion for your name?    CRSA needs you!
To those who have paid their yearly dues.... Thank You!  To those who are a little behind, we encourage you to become current.  The more members we have, the more things we can do for Our Clan and others!  Remember every gift to CRSA is now tax deductible!
I will try to travel to as many games as I can, work schedule allowing, to meet as many of you as possible.  
Until we do meet, may God bless you and your family, keeping you in good health.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your CRSA Board Members.

Annual General Meeting Report

CRSA's 2014 Annual General Meeting of Members was held on Saturday, September 6, 2014 at the Longs Peak Highland Games. Approximately twelve members were present and attended the meeting. President Mick Rose reviewed the activities of the Society over the past year since the 2013 Annual General Meeting at the Stone Mountain Games, including the confirmation of the Society's tax exempt status by the IRS,  and the establishment of the annual Linville J. Rose 'Bonny Knees' competition and award at the Grandfather Mountain Games.  In addition, he presented, on behalf of the board, two awards for exemplary service rendered to the Society. The first went to Susan Rose, for Meritorious Service, for her work in creating the new corporation for the Society, and in making certain that all proper tax and corporate forms for it were filed. The second, a Lifetime Service award, went to Patrice May, who has been involved in Society governance for a very long time and who is the critical link between the clan's old organization and the new CRSA. The Board its expressed its gratitude to both.

CRSA President Mick Rose awarding Susan Rose her Meritorious Service Award at CRSA's AGM
CRSA Membership Chair Patrice May receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award from CRSA President Mick Rose at CRSA's AGM

Members' Corner:   Bagpipes and Badges

Hello Rose cousins,

I am David Delgado, grandson of Catherine Rose and Earl Partain, son of Helen Partain and Ruben Delgado.

I currently reside in Saint John IN. I have been a loyal public servant for over 22 years. During this time I have been a full time paid firefighter as well as a volunteer fireman. I served eight honorable years in The United States Marine Corps and for the past 13 years I have been a federal law enforcement agent.

Currently, I work in Chicago, IL as a Federal Air Marshal. About five years ago I was asked to join the Lake County Indiana Sheriffs Department Pipes & Drums (LCP&D). I had no idea how to play the bagpipes but once I heard them up close and felt the energy they produce it spoke to me somehow and I was hooked!

I played with the LCP&D for a little over 2 years during which time I played for several line of duty funerals of Police, Fire, and Military members who had given the ultimate sacrifice.

About two years ago I was approached by the Bagpipes and Drums of The Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department. (BP&DCPD) and it was an immediate fit.

We play all over the Chicagoland area honoring our fallen. The BP&DCPD are known from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico for our dedication to our brothers and sisters in law enforcement. We have well over 100 active members in our band mostly made up of Chicago Police Officers;  however, every member of the band is either an active or retired federal, state, county, or local law enforcement officer.

You can see us in movies such as Backdraft, The Fugitive, The Package, The Negotiator, Stir of Echoes and on several TV programs. The Band has also performed alongside Doc Severenson, Kevin Matthews, Jay Leno, The Drop Kick Murphy’s, Black 47, and Seanchai & the Unity Squad.

We have recently been invited by the Mayor of Dublin, Ireland to lead its St. Patricks Day celebrations in Dublin in 2015 as well as to perform at several other locations around Ireland during our time there, including in Cork for the graduation ceremonies for Ireland's National Police Force, "The Guarda".

So if you see or hear The Bagpipes & Drums of The Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department, take a close look and you just might see me wearing the Clan Rose Kilt Pin proudly honoring my brothers and sisters and representing The Clan Rose Society with honor.

Please find us on Facebook & keep up on our travels and events. Also check out our web page www.copsinkilts.com where you can learn how we came to be and more about our proud history.

Image courtesy of Emerald Society

Clan Rose Tartan on Display

Did you know that the Scottish Royal Tank Regiment wears the Rose Hunting Tartan?  The Royal Tank Regiment, formed in 1916, is an armed unit of the British Army and is part of the Royal Armoured Corps. Its motto is 'Fear Naught', which is proudly displayed on its regimental flag.
The unit has seen action in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  It has the exclusive right in the British Army to wear the black beret (chosen because helmets and headdresses do not fit inside a tank, and black does not show oil stains!).  Over the years, its members have had strong Scottish connections, and in the 1970's, a pipe and drum band for the unit was formed. The band petitioned Miss Elizabeth Rose, 25th Kilravock, for permission to wear the Clan Rose Modern Hunting Tartan, which she graciously granted. Don't they look elegant?
Images courtesy of RTR

Clan Rose Having Fun at Recent Games

San Diego Scottish Highland Games
Glasgow Lands Highland Games
Donna and Frank Rose
Clan Tent Award for best promotion of friendship
This was the 4th year for CRSA at the Glasgow Highland Games and like the Smoky Mountain Highland Games and Festival,  Tent hosts Donna and Frank Rose continued to honor and celebrate the memory of Convener Linville Rose. They used many of Linville's ideas and pictures as tent display items, and most importantly, worked to follow his example of enthusiasm and friendliness to all who approached CRSA's tent, Roses or not.  CRSA's tent won the Clan Tent Award, and several CRSA members won or placed in the various competitions at the Games, including the 'Bonny Knees' contest, a favorite of Linville's and the inspiration for its establishment by CRSA at a second games, the Grandfather Mountain, NC Games, in Linville's memory.
Costa Mesa Highland Games
Longs Peak, CO Highland Games
All CRSA members in attendance
CRSA's banner proudly displayed
CRSA President Mick Rose accepting the Best Tent Award on behalf of CRSA
One of many beautiful and educational items on display at the CRSA tent
Pleasanton, CA Games
Patrice May and Family
Roses in the Games' Parade
Joyce Anderson, CRSA Life Member and Patrice May's mother, who just celebrated her 88th birthday! 

IRS Recognizes Clan Rose Society

501(c)(3) Status Confirmed!

On May 22, 2014, almost a year after its application for tax exempt status was submitted, the IRS notified CRSA that it has approved CRSA as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization formed for educational purposes.  CRSA's exempt status applies for all contributions made on or after July 17, 2013. Exempt status means that contributions made to CRSA, including membership dues, are federally tax deductible, as are any bequests, transfers or gifts to CRSA.

Membership Report 

from Patrice May, Membership Chair

2014 has proven to be a great recruiting year for CRSA. We've attracted thirty-seven new members in 2014. Members' tax-deductible dues support CRSA's efforts to educate the public about Scottish culture in general and Clan Rose history. Of the thirty-seven new members, most are in California--18, with the next highest number in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Each of these reflects the efforts of our various CRSA tent hosts who, at this point, host our tents at games on a volunteer basis. Check our website for a US map showing membership by state, and please Remember, your dues are the only funding that CRSA has and it is this funding that allows CRSA to identify worthy educational efforts, activities and scholarships to pursue.  Why not consider, when it's time to renew, converting your membership to a Life Membership, to proclaim your loyalty forever to Clan Rose?!

Financial Report

CRSA's Treasurer, Rick Novosad, reports that CRSA currently has the following cash on hand:


CRSA's board is hard at work on potential uses of these funds, and we welcome CRSA member suggestions--please email Rick with any thoughts at qualwine@comcast.net.

CRSA is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization. Its FEIN is 46-3351031. CRSA is dedicated to educating the public about Scottish history in general and Clan Rose history in particular.


Se Ur Beatha - 2014 CRSA New Members

Jim Adamson-Sonora, CA
Heidi Colter-Albuquerque, NM
Kalani Colter
Loyd H Rose-Lake Jackson, TX
Glenda Rose
Patricia Rose-Toy-San Diego, CA
Stacy Shields-Peabody, MA
Rick Wilkin

Ceud mile failte!

(A hundred thousand welcomes!)


CRSA Officers

Michael L. (Mick) Rose
970 Park Way
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
213-400-9717 (c)

Vice President:
Greg K. Rose
2482 Clear Creek Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
859-361-7132 (c)
859-885-1854 (h)

Rick Novosad
705 Otter Court
Fairfield, CA 95433
707-372-3854 (c)
707-427-2065 (h)

Colleen Rose Jones
18704 John Connor Road
Cornelius, NC 28031
704-900-4224 (c)
704-302-1462 (h)

Membership Chair:
Patrice A. May
1188 Cragmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708
510-207-9652 (c)
510-848-1188 (h)

Media Technician:
Michael Rose
27440 Highway 74
Evergreen, CO 80439
719-271-6111 (c)



CRSA is not aware of any members' passing at this time. If you are, please let us know at patriceandrobin@gmail.com
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