Spring 2014 Newsletter

President's Message

by CRSA President Michael L. (Mick) Rose

Greetings Clan Rose Members,

It is an exciting time for CRSA!  The Highland Games season has started.  Susan and I have hosted 2 events already and more to come.  Membership is up and some members, who have lapsed, have renewed!  We are in the final stages of setting up our AGM which will be held in Estes Park Colorado.  We are looking into the feasibility of a trip to England and Scotland in 2015 to coincide with the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.  We stay in contact with Chief David and are excited with his openness and availability to us here in America.  He still talks with much enthusiasm about his trip to The States and the incredible time he had here, as well as, the awesome way not only our clan, but all the clans, treated him.
I will be traveling east to the Grandfather Mountain Games to help Donna Rose present the Linville J. Rose “Bonnie Knees” Award at the games there.  This will be a perpetual plaque with the winner's name added each year.  There will also be a small cash award to the winner for them to buy their favorite “soft drink.”
As I said, it is an exciting time for us all.  Please keep up your recruiting efforts and please remember to renew your membership. 
I hope to see you at one of our upcoming games and at the AGM!

Annual General Meeting Set

To Be Held at Longs Peak Games September 6: Clan Rose has announced that the CRSA Annual General Meeting of Members will be held Saturday afternoon on September 6, 2014, during the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Members in good standing are eligible to vote for next year's officers and board.  The Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival is held in the beautiful Rocky Mountains above Denver in Estes Park, Colorado. This is a beautiful time of year in the Rockies and we look forward to seeing everyone there. 

CRSA is also working on plans for a dinner as a gathering of our Clan, to be held on Saturday evening. The location and details will be announced soon, so please check our website and future newsletters and plan to attend!

A Visit to Kilravock Turns up the Unexpected

by CRSA Member Sally Causey

I've always dreamed of visiting the "Rose Castle" in Scotland. This dream recently came true when I set off with my Mom, Sibs, and Sibs-in-law!  In planning, we came across a travel agency specializing in Scotland and learned that a guided trip just for our family with a *real* visit to Kilravock was possible!
Our tour guide turned out to be a Lord. What? Really? That title still exists? Day one, Jamie, Lord Sempill arrived complete with kilt and escorted us up and down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It was quickly apparent we were in capable hands. He knew his stuff whether it was details on Mary Queen of Scots or helping us discern the finer flavors of a wee dram.
There were lots of places to go and things to see on our itinerary so it took a while to get to Kilravock.  The day finally arrived! First, we visited Cawdor Castle next door and heard the story about how, due to Isabel Rose's daughter, the Thanes of Cawdor have actually had the surname Campbell since the early 16th century.
Next stop, Kilravock: David Rose, our new clan chief welcomed us. He gave us the grand tour inside and out and it was absolutely wonderful. Kilravock wasn't as perfectly kept as Cawdor but this Goldilocks decided it was "just right."Chief David & Sally
I must say that David is "just right" too. I really didn't know what to expect but I had always assumed that the Roses of "The Castle" might not be enthusiastic about far-removed American cousins. That couldn't have been further from the truth! Our welcome was warm, our tour personal, and there was no reminder of how incredibly distant the relationship must be.
Truth be told, I'm not exactly sure how my family is linked to Kilravock. My grandmother's first cousin had a DNA test that showed a connection but the details of the family tree have yet to be confirmed.
As we exchanged fond farewells with David, he told us to look up Clan Rose in America and check out the Facebook page. No sooner had the car door closed than my sister-in-law found Clan Rose Canada's Facebook page. The page listed important Rose descendants which astonishingly included our tour guide Jamie's forebears. No kidding. He's a direct descendant of Margaret Rose, daughter of the 14th Laird of Kilravock. "Cuz," we said! His face went a little pale.
On recovery, Jamie was excited. "I have to take you to MY castle," he said. "Maybe there's a portrait of Margaret Rose." Before we knew it, we were on our way to Craigievar. We made a brief stop in Alford for coffee and Jamie stuck his head in the door of his friend Ian's antique shop. Ian told Jamie he had been going through parish records a couple weeks before and found that Margaret Rose left money to care for the poor in that and a neighboring parish. The remarkable thing was that the account was not completely spent until, get this, 1970. Later, I looked it up: she died in 1740!
Craigievar! What a place! Now owned by the National Trust of Scotland, it is perfectly preserved. Finished in 1626, it's young by Kilravock standards. Ornate plaster work on the ceilings, rich furnishings, and cozy ambiance make it every bit a fairy tale castle. Sadly, the portrait of Margaret Rose was not to be found. After feeding the poor for 230 years we hope she at least gets a special insert with her story added to the guide book!
Our trip could not have been better. I'm still floating on my Rose-Scotland cloud, dreaming of when I can return!
Our travel agent, Janet Robertson, can be contacted via http://thistledubh.net/
Jamie, Lord Sempill (yes, our cuz can be your tour guide too) can be contacted via http://www.macdonaldandrees.com/
Cawdor Castle: http://www.cawdorcastle.com
Clan Rose Canada Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClanRoseCanada
Craigievar Castle: http://www.nts.org.uk/property/craigievar-castle/


Clan Rose Having Fun at Recent Games


Joe Rose and Family
Clan Rose had a very successful weekend at the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games. John Anderson Rose came in 1st place in the Junior Caber Toss and 1st place in the 50 yard dash. Congrats John!!!
Congratulations John V. Rose and the Knoxville Pipe and Drums for taking 1st place!

Call for Volunteers

We need tent hosts!

One of the objectives of your new board is to expand the number of Highland Games at which Clan Rose is represented. Hosted tents at the myriad games throughout the country is our primary recruiting tool  and will help CRSA attract new members, which will allow us to expand our financial base and do even more for our members. Below is a list of games for which we do not have tent hosts, but would like to. Tent hosting is easy and fun, and a great way to meet and recruit other Roses to our cause. Ultimately, the board hopes to be able to assist tent hosts with display items, banners, etc. but for now, we have a dedicated crew of hosts who are willing to lend their experience.  All we need is your time and talent for games near your.  Games needing tent hosts are:
  • Athena | July 12-13| Athena Caledonian Games
  • Gresham (Portland) |  July 18-19 | Portland Highland Games
  • Redmond | August 10 | High Desert Celtic Festival and Games
  • Winston | August 16-17 | Douglas County Highland Games and
    Clan Gathering
  • La Grande | August 23-24 | Eastern Oregon Celtic Festival and Highland Games
  • Ferndale | June 6-8 | Bellingham Highland Games
  • Prosser | June 21 | Prosser Scottish Festival
  • Graham (Tacoma) | June 28 | Tacoma Highland Games
  • Mt Vernon Edgewater Park | July 12-13 | Skagit Valley Highland Games and Celtic Festival
  • Enumclaw (Seattle) | July 26-27 | Pacific Northwest Highland Games
  • Spokane | August 2 | Spokane Highland Games
  • Greenbank | August 9 | Whidbey Island Highland Games
  • Kelso - Tam O'Shanter | September 13-14 | Highlander Festival
  • Belfair | August 30-31 | Hood Canal Highland Celtic Festival
  •  Billings | June 21 | Yellowstone Highland Games
  • Hamilton | August 23-24 | Bitterroot Celtic Games and Gathering
  • Salado | November 7-9 | Salado Scottish Clan Gathering and Highland Games
  • Itasca | June 20-21 | Illinois St. Andrews Society Scottish Festival and Highland Games
  • Kansas City | June 13-15 | Kansas City Scottish Highland Games
  • Buffalo | September 5-6 | Southwest Missouri Celtic Heritage Festival
  • St. Louis | September 26-27 | St. Louis Scottish Games
  • McHenry | June 7 | McHenry Highland Festival
  • Snow Hill | October 4-5 | Chesapeake Celtic Festival
  • Manheim | June 28-29 | Celtic Fling and Highland Games
  • Horsham | July 20-21 | Graeme Park Celtic Heritage Festival
  • Foxburgh | August 16 | River Stone Scottish Festival
  • Carlisle | August 30 | McClain Highland Festival
  • Edinburgh | September 6 | Edinboro Highland Games and Scottish Festival
  • Ligonier | September 20 | Ligoneir Highland Games
  • Bethlehem | September 26-28 | Bethlehem Celtic Classic
  • Leesburg | June 12-13 | Potomac Celtic Festival
  • The Plains | August 30-31 | Virginia Scottish Games and Festival
  • Williamsburg | Late Sept\ Oct | Williamsburg Scottish Festival
  • Radford | October | Radford Highlander Festival
  • Richmond | October 25-26 | Richmond Central  Highland Games and Celtic Festival
  • Clover | June 14 | Clover Scottish Games
  • Charleston | September 20 | Charleston Scottish Games
  • Anderson | October | Loch Hartwell Highland Games and Scottish Festival
  • Ocala | October  | Ocala Scottish Highland Games and Scottish Festival
This list is not exhaustive; there are many more games than these--we'd love to have a Clan Rose table at any games you are aware of. Please contact Patrice May if you are interested.  We thank our members who do host tents--having a presence at as many games as possible, even if it is just a banner, a CRSA member and a clip board for sign ups--brings Roses together, educates us and connects us.

Membership Report 

from Patrice May, Membership Chair

Our membership  of Clan Rose Society of America does so much for our Clan Rose!           
Your membership supports Scottish culture and Clan Rose here in our country.  It is so fun for everyone to attend a Highland Games, learn about and enjoy Scottish music, athletics (the games), history, and visit a Clan Rose tent, where we can learn about our Rose history, tradition, and roots, and meet and connect with each other.
A few of our members take their time and energy to put up a clan tent and host it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  But there are many Highland Games that don’t have a Clan Rose tent. As noted above,  if there are any members who might want to look into doing so, CRSA would help them/you to get started in it.
In order to help tent hosts, and support competitions at Highland Games, we need our members to renew their annual membership dues.  For this  year (2014), from January through May, of our 90 members who have previously joined in the months Jan-May, 55 members need to renew this year.  It would be great if you would!!  We have 18 new members this year so far.  Thanks for joining!  And thanks to our 35 members who have renewed their 2014 memberships so far.  But we would love to hear from you 55 members who haven’t renewed yet.
I will send emails/land mails to our 48 June members by the 1st of June, to ask them to renew, and will continue each month to do so.
On our “thank you for renewing” letters and our “thank you for joining” letters is the contact information for each of our CRSA Board members.  It is also here in this newsletter.  Please feel free to contact any board member with your questions, suggestions, issues, whatever you have in mind. 
We care about you, and our Clan Rose!  Please do your part by renewing promptly---your dues are the only funding CRSA has. 


Financial Report

CRSA's Treasurer, Rick Novosad, reports that CRSA currently has the following cash or cash equivalents on hand:

$2,475.25     cash on account
$    423.50     paypal credit

$2,898.75      Total


Upcoming Games with Clan Rose Tent

June 6-7: Utah Highland Games | www.utahvalley.com
June 7: Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival | www.riscot.org
June 14: Ft. Ticonderoga Scots Day | www.FortTiconderoga.org
June 21-22: San Diego Scottish Highland Games | www.SDHighlandGames.org
July 10-13: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games | www.GMHG.org
July 19: Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival | www.Glasgowlands.org
August 16: Maine Highland Games | www.MaineHighlandGames.org
August 24: Quechee Scottish Festival | www.QuecheeScottishFestival.com
Aug 24-25: California Celtic Classic World Highland Gathering |
August 30-31: Caledonian Club of San Francisco Highland Gathering | http://www.thescottishgames.com/

September 4-7: Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival & AGM | www.ScotFest.com

Sept 13-14: Columbus Scottish Festival | www.ScottishFestival.org
Sept 20-22: New Hampshire Highland Games | www.NHScot.org
Oct 10-12: Seaside Highland Games | www.Seaside-Games.com
Oct 17-19: Stone Mountain Highland Games | www.SMHG.org 


Se Ur Beatha - 2014 CRSA New Members

Pamela Guss - Gardena, CA
Liza Leiter - Marietta, GA
Ron Madison - Sacramento, CA
Laura Meadows - Carson, CA
Charles W. Newton - Columbus, IN
Thomas Newton - Columbus, IN
Nerissa Nolte - Gilbert, AZ
Fred Rose - Wickenburg, AZ
Melanie S. Rose - Ephrata, WA
Melissa Rose - San Diego, CA
Newton Rose - Glendale, AZ
Robert E.D. Rose - Sherman Oak, CA
Thomas Rose - Gardena, CA
Ray Salvatore - Stockbridge, GA
Milne Tinz - Corona, CA

Ceud mile failte!

(A hundred thousand welcomes!)


CRSA Officers

Michael L. (Mick) Rose
11055 Mystery Mountain Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
213-400-9717 (c)
760-749-1451 (h)

Vice President:
Greg K. Rose
2482 Clear Creek Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
859-361-7132 (c)
859-885-1854 (h)

Rick Novosad
705 Otter Court
Fairfield, CA 95433
707-372-3854 (c)
707-427-2065 (h)

Colleen Rose Jones
18704 John Connor Road
Cornelius, NC 28031
704-900-4224 (c)
704-302-1462 (h)

Membership Chair:
Patrice A. May
1188 Cragmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708
510-207-9652 (c)
510-848-1188 (h)

Media Technician:
Michael Rose
27440 Highway 74
Evergreen, CO 80439
719-271-6111 (c)



CRSA is not aware of any members' passing at this time. If you are, please let us know at patriceandrobin@gmail.com
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