Clan Rose Society of America

My Letter to America

Dear Kinsmen and Kinswomen of the Roses of Kilravock.

My Seasons Greetings to you all.

After my wonderful visit to Ventura California and Atlanta Georgia it amazes me how fast the weeks have passed since those lovely days. It was my absolute privilege to be with those of you who attended the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura, CA and then The Stone Mountain Games in Atlanta, GA.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude and thanks to those of you who contributed to my wonderful new Kilted Attire, made by our very own Kiltmaker, Susan Rose. I not only felt properly dressed but also very smart in the very fine Hunting Rose Tartan Sett. Advancing years have not been kind to my figure, but Susan's expert fitting made it feel very comfortable. I wish to thank you all for making this gift possible. I love wearing it.

The exciting time I had at Ventura, being the honoured Chief of the Seaside Highland Games. Meeting the many people from the other Clans that were there made me feel very humbled, to be now heralded as your new Chief of the Rose Clan. I do hope I carried out the role suitably. Two of the highlights of those games were the Fashion Parade where we Roses took part in parading the different styles of tartan wear, from very smart to casual, including the two wee Scottish dancing lassies all kitted out beautifully. The second was, I being able to present to Pierce Rose his First Place Medal for his acclaimed drumming in the military band Snare Drum contest. Thoroughly deserved after all the practice he put in, some of which I witnessed at first hand. The very nice surprise of our Rose Clan Tent winning the Graham Trophy for “Best Clan Tent” had to be the icing on the cake at these Games. It gave me real pleasure to accept it and for all who made this event so worthwhile. I believe quite a few new Clan Rose members were made at this event, which is very laudable.

The visit to The Pixar Studios was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Being greeted by Austin Madison fully kilted in Rose Hunting Tartan. Austin was the chief instigator for the Animators at Pixar wearing tartan kilts and t-shirts bearing our Rose Clan motto “Constant and True” every Friday, whilst the film Brave was being made. To being presented an Austin Madison Caricature of “Hamish” in the Brave film. With the caption “Hail the Chief” on it will always be treasured by me. It now hangs with honour and pride in my home in Scotland. What a wonderful day we had.

As the days in California came to an end, it was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of our late Convenor Linville Rose just before my moving on to Atlanta and the Stone Mountain Highland Games. It is my wish here to pay tribute to Linville for all of his untiring work in rejuvenating the Clan Rose Society of America. Our Society had for various reasons fallen into a decline, but along with other stalwarts, Linville made it a priority of his life to bring this situation, not only back in control, but positively boosted the membership back into real existence once again. Along with Mick Rose and his wife Susan we attended his funeral in Kentucky, and I'd like to think Linville would have approved of his very Scottish Highland send off, with Mick Rose playing his pipes to 'Amazing Grace' whilst he walked away into the distance. It was very moving. Afterwards Linville's wife Donna and his family made us feel very welcome in their home, until Mick, Susan and myself had to wend our way back to Atlanta to the Stone Mountain Games.

I'm sure Linville would have approved of the turnout that was had at The Stone Mountain Highland Games. Again it was my privilege to be able to meet and talk to all those that attended these Games. I have heard that it was noted by the Games officials, that the Roses had a well-attended AGM meeting in our Clan tent. I have to say I fully agree with their sentiment and that it was a very good and productive AGM, one in which our Clan was consolidated by nominating a new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Management Officials, and a clear determination to build the CSRA into a clan society which is; Strong, Healthy and Robust for the Future.

My plans for a Worldwide Rose Family Website are very slowly taking shape, but as you can imagine is a process which I want to get right and make it one of the best. I will of course keep the CSRA, informed of its progress and its launch.

May I once again thank all, who made my visit this year possible. You were all very generous and I am most grateful to you all for such a memorable visit. I do believe that The Traditions of Kilravock, are very much alive and in very good hands for future prosperity.

I wish you all a very


David Rose of Kilravock