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Rose's Lime Juice


Here is a bottle you might see in your grocery isle or liquor store. Perhaps you use Rose's Lime Juice to make a Gimlet or your favorite refreshing drink. The origins of the juice go back well over a century ago when Scurvy was a common disease.

Scurvy is caused by the lack of Vitamin C in a diet. By 1753 it was documented that adding fresh citrus fruit to the diet helped cure and prevent Scurvy. This cure however languished. It was not until 1907 when two Norwegian doctors researched and fully understood that Scurvy is a deficiency disease. Before then however, it was generally accepted that citrus juice preserved with alcohol was a medicine to fight Scurvy. The Shipping Act of 1845 required that any ship on a long sea voyage was required to carry a ration of lemon or lime juice preserved using rum. Each British sailor was given a ration of this juice. Because of this British sailors became known as limeys.

Lauchlin Rose came from a family of ship builders and in 1865 founded L. Rose & Company in Leith near Edinburgh Scotland. Lauchlin's company provisioned ships which included providing lime juice. Two thing happened in 1867; one, the Merchant Shipping Act again required all oceangoing ships to carry lemon or lime juice for the prevention of disease. More importantly this act also provided for the regulation of the supply and quality of lemon and lime juice. Prior to this 1867 act the citrus juice or the rum used to preserve the juice could be of questionable quality. Secondly, Lauchlin Rose invented a process of preserving lime juice without alcohol. The 1867 act increased the demand for lime juice. Realizing this, Lauchlin also introduced a sweetened juice drink known as the Lime Cordial which became very popular.

L. Rose & Company continued to grow and Rose's lime juice becoming a global brand. In 1893 the company bought property on Dominica and planted lime trees and expanded production to this Caribbean island. In 1924 production was expanded to Ghana Africa, known then as the British Gold Coast.

Classic Gimlet

4 parts Gin

4 parts Rose's Lime Juice

Mix ingredients in a whiskey glass with ice. Garnish with a slice of lime.